Philippines Flights Guide

Philippines Flights Guide

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to travel in and around the Philippines these days. Thanks to the increasing number of Filipinos who prefer to travel by plane, stiff competition between airlines has brought down flight prices in the country.

Whether it’s for a last-minute booking or a trip planned far in advance, it is now easier to find and book cheap flights.

Airlines and Promo Fares

If you are flexible with your travel dates, you may consider booking discounted airfares called “promo fares.” These low prices are announced frequently and could offer significant savings on travel expenses.

Promo fares are domestic and international flights sold during seat sale periods, which are regularly announced multiple times in a month by almost all commercial airlines in the Philippines. A promo announcement includes important details such as the selling period, travel period, flight routes or destinations included, and fare prices.

The travel period for promos are usually set several weeks or months ahead of the selling period. When planning to book promo fares, you should start subscribing to promo announcement alerts at least three months in advance for a higher chance of booking the discounted seats. Passengers should know that they come with certain restrictions and conditions on re-booking, route changes, and name transfers among others. These conditions vary depending on the policy of each airline.

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Air is the largest budget airline and operates the widest domestic flight network in the Philippines. It flies to 34 domestic destinations, and to 24 international destinations across 14 countries in Asia. The airline’s international flight network includes major cities in Southeast Asia, North Asia, and the Middle East. Cebu Pacific promo fares are announced multiple times every week.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) and PAL Express

Philippine Airlines is a flag carrier of the Philippines and the oldest commercial airline in Asia still operating under its original name. Meanwhile, PAL Express is the budget airline brand of Philippine Airlines. The combined flight network of both airlines include 31 Philippine domestic destinations, and 32 international destinations. Philippine Airlines promo fares are announced less frequently compared to its competitors but they do hold these seat sales multiple times every month.

AirAsia Zest

AirAsia Zest is the Philippine affiliate of Malaysia-based AirAsia Berhad. This airline was born from the merger of  Philippines AirAsia and Zest Air. It flies to 6 domestic destinations and 7 international destinations in Southeast and East Asia. AirAsia Zest promo fares are announced once or twice every week.

Flight Search Sites

If you are booking last minute, flight search engines make it ridiculously easy for anyone to discover the cheapest flights anywhere in the world, including the Philippines. You can compare prices from hundreds of airlines and travel sites in one search.

Wego is one of the best flight search engines. You can decide the best option depending on your schedule and budget. It is the fastest way to check the cheapest flight prices online. Now, you don’t have to visit each and every airline website or travel site just to view flight prices.

Enter your travel details to compare flights on Wego:

Flight Routes and Destinations

Here is an updated list of Philippine domestic and international flight routes with corresponding flight frequency, and, airlines that operate these routes.

Philippine Domestic Flights
From Manila (MNL)
DestinationAirline/sMininum Frequency
Bacolod (BCD)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Basco / Batanes (BSO)PALDaily
Caticlan / Boracay (MPH)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Butuan (BXU)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Cagayan de Oro (CGY)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Cauayan (CYX)Cebu PacificWeekly
Cebu (CEB)AirAsia, Cebu PacificDaily
Coron / Busuanga (USU)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Cotabato (CBO)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Davao (DVO)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Dipolog (DPL)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Dumaguete (DGT)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
General Santos (GES)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Iloilo (ILO)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Kalibo (KLO)AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Laoag (LAO)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Legazpi (LGP)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Masbate (MBT)PALDaily
Naga (WNP)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Ozamiz (OZC)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Pagadian (PAG)Cebu PacificDaily
Puerto Princesa (PPS)AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Roxas (RXS)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
San Jose, Mindoro (SJI)Cebu PacificWeekly
Surigao (SUG)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Tacloban (TAC)AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Tagbilagan (TAG)AirAsia, Cebu PacificDaily
Tuguegarao (TUG)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Virac (VRC)Cebu PacificWeekly
Zamboanga (ZAM)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
From Cebu (CEB)
Bacolod (BCD)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Caticlan / Boracay (MPH)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Butuan (BXU)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Cagayan de Oro (CGY)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Camiguin (CGM)Cebu PacificDaily
Clark (CRK)Cebu PacificWeekly
Coron / Busuanga (USU)Cebu Pacific, PALWeekly
Davao (DVO)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Dipolog (DPL)Cebu PacificDaily
Dumaguete (DGT)Cebu PacificDaily
General Santos (GES)Cebu PacificDaily
Iloilo (ILO)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Kalibo (KLO)Cebu PacificWeekly
Legazpi (LGP)Cebu PacificWeekly
Ozamiz (OZC)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Pagadian (PAG)Cebu PacificDaily
Puerto Princesa (PPS)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Siargao (IAO)Cebu PacificDaily
Surigao (SUG)Cebu PacificDaily
Tacloban (TAC)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Zamboanga (ZAM)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
From Cagayan de Oro (CGY)
Bacolod (BCD)Cebu PacificWeekly
From Davao (DVO)
Bacolod (BCD)Cebu PacificWeekly
Cagayan de Oro (CGY)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
Dipolog (DPL)Cebu PacificWeekly
Iloilo (ILO)Cebu PacificDaily
Puerto Princesa (PPS)Cebu PacificWeekly
Zamboanga (ZAM)Cebu Pacific, PALWeekly
From Iloilo (ILO)
Cagayan de Oro (CGY)Cebu PacificWeekly
General Santos (GES)Cebu Pacific, PALWeekly
Puerto Princesa (PPS)Cebu Pacific, PALWeekly
From Puerto Princesa
Coron / Busuanga (USU)PALWeekly
From Zamboanga (ZAM)
Jolo (JOL)PALWeekly
Tawi-tawi (SGS)Cebu Pacific, PALDaily
*Both Philippine Airlines and PAL Express are listed as “PAL.” Last Updated April 7, 2014

Other Airlines

  • Tiger Air Philippines – Acquired by Cebu Pacific. All Tiger Air flights can be booked via Cebu Pacific.
  • Philippines AirAsia – Now operating as AirAsia Zest.
  • Zest Air – Now operating as AirAsia Zest.
  • South East Asian Airlines (SEAir) – Domestic sector of SEAir is now operating as Tiger Air Philippines, while its international sector is operating as SEAir International.
  • Airphil Express – Re-branded to PAL Express. Now operating as PAL Express.
  • Air Philippines – Re-branded to Airphil Express. Now operating as PAL Express.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find promo fares?

Cebu-Pacific-Promo-fare-announcement Example of a promo announcement by Cebu Pacific Air

All promo announcements are prominently displayed on the front page of the airlines’ official websites. Once you find fares that you would like to book, you can proceed to using the airline’s flight search service to check for availability, and then book your preferred flight online.

Oftentimes, the travel period and destination included in the announcement might not coincide with your travel plans. In this case, you have to watch out for the next announcement that matches your planned flights.

How to check all-in prices and flight availability?

Air-Asia-online-flight-search Photo of AirAsia’s flight searchbox posted on their official website.

You can check the final or all-in price of the flight you want to book by using the online flight search service of your favorite airline.

It is easily found on the front page of the airline website. Select or type in your destinations, travel dates, and then click on the search button.

The next page displays a list of all flights available on that day and their corresponding prices. Availability and prices of promo fares are listed under a separate column that can be found beside the regular fare.

In case you cannot find the promo fares or see a “sold out” label, it means that they are not available for the specific dates you had chosen. The airlines only allow a limited number of promotional seats per flight and they might already be fully booked. You can try searching for discounted seats on other dates or wait for the next seat sale announcement.

What are base fares?

A base fare is the original price of a ticket, before taxes and other charges are added. On promo announcements, many airlines publish base fares, which are subject to additional fees that are shown when you purchase your flight.

Additional fees may include the airline’s fuel surcharge and booking fees, airline services that you decide to add, government taxes, and airport-specific fees. You might see a “Piso (One Peso) Fare” advertised by the airlines and then later find out that your total bill would total to a much higher price. Airlines do this because it is much easier and a lot more attention-grabbing to use base fares in their advertisements.

All-in fares are displayed after you searched for the availability of the flight and before you make the final purchase. Usually, additional fees do not exceed P1,000 on top of the base fare. Once you have seen the all-in fare of a particular promo, you can always use it for reference on how much the promo flights actually cost.

How to book online?

The best way to book promo fares is through the airlines’ official website or on your favorite travel booking sites.

Once you reach the payment page on your flight search you can choose your preferred payment option. All major travel sites accept payments through credit card and many of them allow would-be flyers to pay “over the counter” through their respective ticket offices or partner merchants.

What are seat conditions and restrictions on promo fares?

The reason why promo fares are sold very cheaply is because they come with special conditions and restrictions that are distinguished from regular and premium seat classes. 

These fare rules set the conditions on date/time change, name change, destination change, frequent flyer program mileage accrual, airline services/add-ons included, among others. Each airline has their own set of rules, so it is best to contact them directly for clarification.